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In year 2010, the world has changed. Astral bodies falling from space strike the Earth to devastating results. The impacts do not cause many deaths, but dust from impact is thrown up into the air, the inhalation of which decimates the population. As scientists begin to study these fallen rocks, they become increasingly aware that the world has changed. It seems that this stardust can warp the very fabric of reality.

As the years pass, strange phenomena become more accepted. Things that were once thought mere fantasy became real. Wizards able to command the elements come forth and show the world that human will can shape the world. Aliens come to Earth to study these mysterious objects (and apologize for all of those illicit abductions). Arco brings forth technology that has only been seen in science fiction. Some born after impact become innately able to do the impossible.

Fast forward to 2038, New Ashenham, the epicenter of all this weirdness. Arco is still running, trying to capture rogue Starborn and run experiments. The Remnants of the devastated city are partially rebuilt, but the surrounding Wasteland is still hostile and wild, filled with gangs and rogues. The 12th sphere meets in secret to decide when and where they will meddle with these changing affairs. HARM maintains the peace with several alien ambassadors. The Incendiary Order brings forth their fiery brand of justice. And sinister things lurk, enabled by all these strange phenomena, ready to tip the balance and bring chaos to all inhabitants of the area.

Welcome to Starfall, where fantasy has become reality and the world as we know it has ended.

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To start playig on Starfall, use a telnet client to connect to:
host: titan.servegame.com
port: 3763
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