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Homeworld Lelaviji


The planet Lelaviji is a cold and constantly dark world. There is little vegetation, though there are large forests of treelike structures. Some of these structures look similar to evergreens, while others would be completely alien to a human observer: a sort of combination between long, dark green grasses braided up high into the air in a thick mass, sort of like a tree made up of grasses, that opens up on the top with several long, stable branches. Still other 'trees' go almost completely leafless, instead the bark itself performing most of the photosynthesis. These wrap around other treelike structures to seemingly form forests into interconnected mazes high up in the sky.

These structures in the sky are perfect for the mostly tree-faring race of Lelavijians, who can even go so far to build their version of cities on these branches, though most modern cities have parts that reach down onto the ground and extend. (To them, a structure on the ground would more likely be considered a subway or a sewer system, just like an Earthling's underground, though in recent times, these ground level facilities are more and more frequently used for scientific research, due to its relative stability compared to the trees). The Lelavijians are carnivorous, since they would not eat from the trees they live on (and genetically, after so many years of not eating from them, could not), and the evergreen structures, while hardly good for home building, are rather indigestible to them (rather, they feed on smaller, non-sentient creatures that eat of the evergreens).

History and Culture

Technologically, the Lelavijians are very advanced, though most of their advanced technology leans towards utility rather than leisure. Their scientist are more focused on creating new space flight techniques over creating even rudimentary gaming systems or televisual communication, for example. So while a Lelavijian might quickly learn to use an Earthling vehicle, it would take them quite awhile to develop even the basic skills required to interact with a television (they might think it's a portal into another world, for example), since such technology is simply so unfamiliar to them.

The Lelajivians have, like Earth, experienced a Starfall, and some of them have become Earth's equivalent to the Starborn. The Starborn are treated like any member of the Lelavijian society, though they are often exiled from a public setting if their abilities are far too dangerous. A few scientific expeditions have been mounted by this race since to document the effects of the Starfall on other planet's societies. Most of the time, they send their own Starborn to the other planets, mostly because they figure that these adaptations might give them a better chance of survival inside what they consider hostile environments.

Appearance and Biology

Physically, the Lelavijians have four arms and two legs, a prehensile tail (which ends in a spade, much like the depiction of a devil's tail) and jet black skin. Those who lived in countries that developped ground based settlements earlier on in their species' lifetime have genetically developped a heavier build, while those who come from other places generally have a lighter, wiry sort of build. (The latter build is a bit more common, since even in modern times, many are hesitant to live in any kind of settlement outside of the security of the trees, and the agility provided by a lighter form is a boon for tree creatures). Their eyes perceive a spectrum different from that of regular humans, and they are incapable of picking up violet or sometimes even blue light (blue light is always hard for them to see. To them it's a very dark colour), but are able to pick up infrared light. Their fingers and toes are very long in general, and they have long opposable thumbs on all hands, leaving them the ability to manipulate tools very well. The species is well-accustomed to the cold, and the room temperature in their heated facilities is about the freezing point of water. Earthlings' room temperature to them would be like desert heat, and desert heat would in turn be an unbearable amount of heat. When visiting Earth, it is widely recommended that the Lelavijians wear protective goggles at all times, to prevent their eyes from being burned by the much lighter conditions of Earth.

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