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History and Culture

This is a difficult topic for Wanderers, yet is often their favourite to discuss. Every Wanderer has a timer in its artificial brain that wipes its memory save for basic reasoning and functioning abilities. This occurs approximately every 200 years, give or take a decade. Naturally, this makes it difficult for the Wanderers. As a species they possess a substantial thirst for knowledge, especially about their own pasts. It is very common among Wanderers to find this voyage of past-self-discovery quite enjoyable. Fear of the next reset tends to weigh heavily on the minds of the 'older' Wanderers.
Spread out over the Galaxy, almost every spacefarer has seen one or two Wanderers. Many Wanderers have met others of their kind and subsequently forgotten about them. Becoming more frequent are Wanderers carrying external storage devices as digital notebooks for their thoughts. After resetting these may give clues as to who they were and what they were doing.
The Wanderers do not recall where they came from. There are many wildly different theories about where they came from and how they came to be. These are some of the more popular ones:

Servant Machines

The Wanderers were created or enslaved to serve another species. To prevent them from raising an effective rebellion, the machines were fitted with resetting memory. Somehow, this time period between resets became long enough that they were able to escape.

Beings of Ennui

Another theory is that they were a race that had seen everything there was to see, so decided to wipe their memories of their own volition so they could see it all again.

Cosmic Joke

Wanderers may be offended when this one is discussed in their presence. The idea is that they were created or modified as a grand experiment or maybe a joke. Their resetting memory may be of great scientific worth to someone. Or maybe it's of great hilarity to someone.

Appearance and Biology

All Wanderers are built around the same basic spider-like design. The 'thorax' is a heat-resistant ceramic shell one metre in diameter and shaped like a saucer. Six segmented and retractible legs are situated on the sides, three to either side. The feet have four toes spread radially. They are capable of acting with dexterity. Two smaller limbs are attached under the front of the body. A flattened, cylindrical section approximately half the size of the thorax extends from the rear. This holds several thrusters for movement in space. The central saucer contains an anti-gravity device suitable for launching into orbit or landing, but has little fine control for atmospheric flight. A dome on the top of the front half of the thorax has one forward-pointing multi-spectrum eye and two visual and infra-red capable eyes pointing to the right and the left. The entire Wanderer can detect sonic vibrations well enough to hear voices with accuracy and can vibrate a diaphragm under the thorax to create sounds of its own.
The average Wanderer stands about two metres tall with legs fully extended and about half a metre tall with legs retracted. It weighs approximately 220kg and has lifting power when using two legs as arms to lift 500kg without straining the servos. Like humans, Wanderers may express a range of variance in colour, shape and size. Some may sport interesting paint jobs or miscellaneous accessories.
The Wanderer's power source is a singularity engine containing a tiny black hole. Fortunately, if the engine's containment is disrupted, the black hole goes out in a flash of Hawking radiation rather than swallowing the planet. A fabricator system in the abdomen allows the Wanderer to 'heal' over time, replacing damaged components through nanomechanical repairs. A damaged Wanderer may feel the need to place carbon, silicon and iron in a hatch under its thorax, as well as a variety of trace elements.

Wanderers as Player Characters

Wanderers are interesting in that every one of them is an amnesiac and has an excuse. When applying for a character, only write about the history this particular individual knows about. This may include what knowledge it has gleaned about its past, but only from its own perspective. Keep in mind that the Wanderer's having past lives it can't remember means staff can make use of this for plots.

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