Character Application

Our application system is all coded in game. There are five easy steps:

The first step is filling out your OOC information. For the purpose of the game, only a valid e-mail address will be required in this section, so it should be pretty painless. You can set this using this command: &email me=<email address>

The second step is filling out your character background and personality. The former should be a few paragraphs long, about five or six, though there is no set limit if you want to have more than that (or less than that). Your personality should be one or two paragraphs long.

'edit personality' to edit your personality
'+pe/view' to view what you have written so far.
'+personality/traits' can be used to describe example personality quirks for your character.
'edit background' to edit your background.
'@faction me=<your character's faction>' to choose a background.

The third step is where you set your powers (or, depending on your character, the lack thereof).

'edit powers' to edit your powers
You can view your powers by typing '+powers/view'
'edit weaknesses' to edit your weaknesses
You can view your weaknesses by typing '+weaknesses/view'

The fourth step is where you fill in other IC information:

@name me=<new name>
@fullname me=<first and last name>
@species me=<your selection>
@sex me=<Male or Female>
@age me=<your character's age>
@height me=<your character's height>
@weight me=<your character's weight>
@desc me=<your character's description>

The fifth step is the easiest: Type in '+done' and send your app in for review! It's that easy!

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