Leader(s) Overseer Gerald Hunt
Base of Operations Arco
Alignment Insular, Scientific
Allies Remnant
Enemies Wasteland and Periphery outlaws, rogue starborn

Arco is the most technologically advanced power in the world. Having shut themselves in during the Starfall, they are still distrustful of those from the outside. Their scientists alone (and perhaps a few others scattered around the world) have made the startling discovery that the extra-terrestrial crystal substance from the Starfall comet (the proposed cause of the special powers belonging to the Starborn) will grow and convert ANY non-living materials into more crystals. The implications of this, though long term, are considered to be dire. Thus, laws are quickly passed disallowing any of the crystal substance into the Arco itself. These laws are enforced with the highest quality scanning equipment and extremely heavy security - all of the Arco's might. Unaffiliated Starborn have an even more difficult time gaining citizenship inside of Arco because of these laws.

Small factions within the Arco, those more extreme, dedicate themselves to cleansing the entire planet of the corruptive influence of the Starfall and Starborn. These groups are usually completely ruthless, tending to view genocide as a necessary evil to protect the Earth and their way of life. Though connected with the Arco through underground ties with the defense forces (often being supplied by such), they officially operate as roving autonomous units and have no association with their former home. If caught, as the old saying goes, Arco will deny having any knowledge of their existence beyond the point at which they went 'rogue.'

The government in Arco is based on a socialist system. The more a person gives to Arco in terms of labour, the more one will receive. In addition, Arco heavily encourages citizens to give up the possessions they own in order to lead a simpler, cleaner life in Arco.

Citizenship is based on several social statuses. The first is the label given to those entering Arco for a trial period. These citizens are labeled "Immigrants" and are given some of the worst grunt-work Arco has to offer. Coworkers will often be automatons built by Arco with a single human supervisor. When the supervisor deems the immigrant worthy, they become a model citizen and are granted an apartment suite and regular job. The next level of model citizen is a job within the bureaus of government, though few citizens ever reach this position.

Persons from Arco tend to be well-educated, insular and willing to believe whatever the administrative bureau states as fact. The arcology provides them with what they need to live in exchange for a modest amount of labor. The arcology always operates like a well-oiled machine.


The government of Arco is based around five bureaus (Modules) that administrate different aspects of the arcology. The five modules are as such:

  • Administrative Module
    • Oversees the work of the other bureaus and essentially makes the executive decisions of Arco.
  • Security Module
    • Leads Arco's military and security might. The local police, security automatons, and military might are all jurisdictions under the Security Module.
  • Intelligence Module
    • Used to gather information from the outside world and to monitor the condition of nearby settlements. In addition to this, the Intelligence Module is responsible for sorting and storing information collected by the other modules.
  • Health and Welfare Module
    • Responsible for the health and welfare of Arco's citizens. All hospitals are managed by this module, as well as the Southern Arco construction jurisdiction. Everyone has a home because the Health and Welfare Module does its job.
  • Research Module
    • Self explanation; leads all the research projects for Arco.


The primary objective of Arco is to provide a safe and sealed environment for its population to live in. They trade with the Remnants for materials not found in the arcology and in exchange give them technology and scientific aid. The scientists of Arco seek to understand and ultimately control the phenomenon of the starcrystal and the powers it imbues humans with.


Arco possesses the world's only fully self-sufficient arcology. It draws power from solar panels and fusion reactors. Arco has access to Earth's most advanced technologies, focusing especially on artificial intelligence. They have their own manufacturing plants and nanomechanical fabricators capable of producing anything they have the schematics for.


Starting in 2006, a group of wealthy businessmen foresaw the need for a contained environment, expecting the incoming cometary particles would devastate the Earth's atmosphere. They pooled their vast wealth and began work on a massive self-sustaining habitat right next to New Ashenham. It was named Arco, shortened from 'arcology'. Work continued even after the strike that devastated much of the city and environs. Those involved in the project turned insular, rejecting anyone that had been 'contaminated' by the outside world. Arco continued to grow upward, a pyramid of carbon nanotube structures and advanced composites. Completed in 2033, it was almost impregnable to any outside influence. The people living inside Arco enjoyed a pristine environment, untouched by the starfall. Very few left the arcology, and none from outside were permitted entry.

Many of the best scientists of the pre-starfall era were invited to live within Arco and further its technological prowess. Ironically, the big leaps in nanotechnology were developed outside of Arco but were quickly brought into the arcology. With seemingly unlimited resources, the ability to fabricate almost anything enabled Arco to establish itself as the new technological superpower of the shattered states. By 2038, the administrator agreed to link Arco's computer network to the rebuilt information infrastructure of New Ashenham, albeit with heavy restrictions on what information could be accessed by those outside the arcology.

Present day Arco is the primary producer of artificial intelligences and cybernetics. Inhabitants are still rarely seen outside, and those that do venture out tend to be those of the younger generations, born within Arco and yearning for exploration of the outside world. Inside Arco, cybernetic headware is common. Outside, it is quite rare, though there are a few places where it can be obtained legally and safely. Several superpowered individuals have also come out of Arco, empowered by gravitics or other technological devices.describe link

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