Character Guidelines

Heroes and Villains

There is plenty of room in Starfall for both heroes and villains, as well as those of greyer morality or with ambiguous intentions. It takes all kinds to make a story interesting, and this game is about a story that you help write.
If you feel interested in playing heroes, villains, innocent bystanders or a character with any kind of moral leaning or disposition, then by all means feel free to send an application in.

Power Development

If your want to change or improve your character's powers, be they innate or technological, just send staff an email detailing what you have in mind. An application for power upgrades doesn't need to be especially detailed. Just note why the change is occurring and what new or different abilities this imparts.
You don't need to send in an application to obtain objects that are external to your character. For example, a character may obtain non-unique weapons from the various suppliers around the city without needing an application. Common sense is the rule here. If in doubt, feel free to page one of staff and ask.

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