Arco - Starting in 2006, a group of wealthy businessmen foresaw the need for a contained environment, expecting the incoming cometary particles would devastate the Earth's atmosphere. They pooled their vast wealth and began work on a massive self-sustaining habitat right next to <city name>. It was named Arco, shortened from 'arcology'. Work continued even after the strike that devastated much of the city and environs. Those involved in the project turned insular, rejecting anyone that had been 'contaminated' by the outside world. Arco continued to grow upward, a pyramid of carbon nanotube structures and advanced composites. Completed in 2033, it was almost impregnable to any outside influence. The people living inside Arco enjoyed a pristine environment, untouched by the starfall. Very few left the arcology, and none from outside were permitted entry.

Many of the best scientists of the pre-starfall era were invited to live within Arco and further its technological prowess. Ironically, the big leaps in nanotechnology were developed outside of Arco but were quickly brought into the arcology. With seemingly unlimited resources, the ability to fabricate almost anything enabled Arco to establish itself as the new technological superpower of the shattered states. By 2038, the administrator agreed to link Arco's computer network to the rebuilt information infrastructure of <city name>, albeit with heavy restrictions on what information could be accessed by those outside the arcology.

Present day Arco is the primary producer of artificial intelligences and cybernetics. Inhabitants are still rarely seen outside, and those that do venture out tend to be those of the younger generations, born within Arco and yearning for exploration of the outside world. Inside Arco, cybernetic headware is common. Outside, it is quite rare, though there are a few places where it can be obtained legally and safely. Several superpowered individuals have also come out of Arco, empowered by gravitics or other technological devices.

Persons from Arco tend to be well-educated, insular and elitist. Some are outright xenophobic or racist against outsiders.


Wasteland - Impacts over half of <city name> destroyed most of the land and the buildings on it. A scattering of broken islands make up the Wastelands. Many people still live there, and despite the name, the place is not at all bleak. They have electricity and water in most areas, the infrastructure having been repaired over three decades. The rebuilt towns in the Wastelands are densely populated and full of activity and relative lawlessness. With the greatest concentration of starfall in the area, most of the local starborn were born in the Wastelands.

Right at the epicentre of the largest impact, no plants will grow and no animals will dwell. Not even birds will fly overhead. some people venture into this crater to meet nothing strange at all, yet others may return with tales of ghastly apparitions and supernatural encounters. Some blasted structures still remain, their upper floors utterly demolished and the lower ones barely intact. Strangely, there seem to be a few buildings that, while dusty and fallen into disrepair, appear untouched by the explosion that ruined most of the city. These buildings are not always there, either, and are reputed to fade in and out of existence over time. The crater is the largest source of stardust and the crystal formations from the alien material are most common there. Operations to retrieve it, however, are frequently plagued with malfunction and confusion. Some say the land is cursed, and that all those who died there remain trapped as wraiths and poltergeists. The popular theory amongst scientists is that the same effect that causes starborn to exhibit extraordinary powers is affecting the laws of physics around the impact site, thus resulting in the observed effects.


Remnants - The remaining half of the city remained intact, structurally. However, the panic caused by the starfall impacts threw society into ruin. Martial Law was established to regain control of the city, and after the governments collapsed the local military forces retained control. Over the decades, the remnants have remained a relatively safe area, with working infrastructure and scientific expertise from Arco in exchange for goods of interest from the outside world, and permission for Arco scientists to study the residual effects of the starfall in the remnant regions. While the remnant authorities have no conflict with the leaders of most of the wasteland towns, there are occasional bands of starfall-powered outlaws seeking to raid the outlying parts of the remant areas.


Periphery - A catchall term for the areas of land outside of the city. The periphery is largely occupied by farmlands and a few wooded areas. With a severe lack of law enforcement, the periphery is a place where you have to defend yourself and your land by your own means. The woodlands tend to be safer than the roads and fields, as there is little of worth to steal there and there's rarely any reason to pass through them. Additionally, some suspect there may be groups of magicians living in the depths of the forests, amongst overgrown ruins.

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