Human Factions
The 12th Sphere Magicians concerned about the current state of magic.
arco_logo_small.png Arco Self-sufficient arcology that survived the starfall.
The Incendiary Order Some call them heroes. Others call them dangerous vigilantes.
Everyone agrees on one thing: No two people are not on fire.
remnant_logo_small.png Remnant The intact part of the city, controlled by several groups.
one_logo_small.png ONE Cybernetic hive mind. Possibly evil.
Periphery The farmlands and wooded areas outside the city.
Wasteland The shattered ruins of the old city, still inhabited by people.
Wasteland Speed Gangs Violent raiders with a fondness for loud noises and dangerous velocity.
The Purple Hand Unstable extremists who will go to any length to achieve their goals of world (and eventually) interstellar domination.
Non-Human Factions
The Elementals Extraplanar beings of magic.
hydra_logo_small.png Hydran Scouts Mollusc-like explorers.
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