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Real Name Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Age Somewhere in his late 40s
Birthplace Unknown
Alignment Villainous
Affiliation Independent
Short Powers Fire and ice, regeneration
Power Origin Magic and elemental power

Hephaestus is a villain to the core. He seeks to bring the shattered world under his dominion using his powers of magic and his elemental allies. He frequently comes into conflict with all of the various factions in the city area, including Arco, the Remnants and most of all the Incendiary Order.


Hephaestus dresses himself in dark red armour, including a helmet of Greek style. His skin bears countless ugly scars from burns and a firey light seems to seep from cracks in his body when he moves.



Hephaestus knows the basics of practical sorcery. In his impatience he sought elemental aid to bolster his powers. Delving deeper and deeper into dark deals, he has traded much - perhaps even his sanity - for power.

Fire: Harm

His fire spells are of the common variety. Hephaestus launches searing lances of fire from his fingers and wreathes himself in a whirlwind of flame. Elemental power is focused through these spells, increasing their potency and allowing him to cast more often without severing his link to the plane of magic.

Water: Harm

Hephaestus' water spells are focused in the realm of ice and cold. Less often used for offense, he does have the ability to launch piercing bolts of ice and summon hailstorms. Finding they don't synergise well with his control of fire, his ice magic is usually kept as a backup.

Elemental Powers

Granted a significant boon by a life elemental, Hephaestus has the ability to regenerate from wounds. This makes him a tenacious foe, as he often retreats once defeat is inevitable, only to return another day. This regeneration leaves him scarred.


Little is known of this man's past. Hephaestus was an unknown before the Starfall. This is likely because he was only a boy when it happened. At some point he became the student of a group of magicians and spent most of his time learning about magic. Once he became aware of elementals, his impatience had him seek them out to add to his power. He made deals with several elementals, trading the lives of his fellows for magical power. Since then, he has been an antagonist to many groups and individuals.


There are a few rumours floating about that suggest that Hephaestus is focused on accumulating power for a goal other than domination. Some say he is preparing himself to ward off an ancient enemy yet unknown to most of the world. Others say he desires power so he can bring back a lost love. Needless to say, it's hard to find consistent information about his motives.

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