Maria Lawson
Birthdate April 15, 2029
Age 12 (appears and acts 21)
Birthplace Arco
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation Arco
Short Powers Enhanced strength/speed/stamina/math
Power Origin Technology
Offsite Logs

Developed by Arco's top specialists, Maria is a QI in an artificial human body, designed to act as a normal human to further the goals of the Intelligence Module. She works as a waitress at the Basset Hound Grill in New Ashenham, has a hobby of drawing and collects old comic books, but behind her warm exterior is an artificial being determined to fulfill her mission to root out threats to Arco before they have a chance to strike.


A young woman who looks to be in her early twenties, and on the taller side of average height. Her brown hair falls past her shoulders, swept in waves away from her face, and her eyes are a reflective shade of brown. Her build seems generally fit but not anything out of the ordinary.


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