+desc/list Shows you all currently available descriptions

+desc/view <name> Shows you the description

+desc/add <name>=<desc> Adds a description named 'name', with desc of 'desc'

+desc/delete <name> Deletes the named description

+desc/save <name> Saves the current desc with the specified name.

+desc/edit <name>=<new desc> Changes the description named 'name' so that old text becomes 'new' text. This will delete that description by overwriting it with the new one. Use caution with this command.

+desc <name> Changes the current description to 'desc'

+desc/emit <name>=<emit> Sets the message to emit when you switch to 'name'

+desc/name <desc>=<name> Sets the character name to use when you switch to 'desc'. Note that if 'name' is 'clear', the name will be your default name until you set it.

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