Leader(s) ONE
Base of Operations Collective Core
Alignment Xenophobic, Scientific
Allies None
Enemies All free minds

ONE is a collective consciousness originating from Arco. Due to conflicts with Arco's administration, ONE left the arcology and took control of small areas of the city remnant. ONE consists of multiple cybernetic minds linked to each other wirelessly and coordinated by several central AIs. The members give up their individual will to be part of something far greater than themselves. Even so, ONE's members typically act like individuals (albeit very similar in personality) despite their mental link. They never speak to each other and always cooperate fully. A single purpose drives them. Not only are they unable to disobey; they do not want to so long as they are part of the collective mind.
If separated from ONE, an individual that has been part of the consciousness for longer than a few weeks can suffer severe mental disorders. Recovery is possible, though it can take many years.


ONE seeks to absorb all knowledge and thought into itself by persuading or coercing others to be subsumed into it. The scientific knowledge possessed by ONE is on par with Arco, and perhaps even greater. However, they lack the manufacturing capabilities of the arcology and must scavenge and steal their needed components. ONE is not picky. All sapient minds are targets. So far only humans have been subsumed. It is supposed that ONE does not yet know how to integrate alien minds into itself.


ONE possesses a great deal of scientific knowledge and a lot of raw materials taken from Arco. It is suspected that ONE has agents in many of the other factions.


In 2025, experiments with cybernetic telepathy and mind control resulted in an artificial intelligence capable of merging two minds, human or machine, into a single identity. This was not a simple affair, as it necessitated major changes to brain function through cybernetics and neural restructuring. This intelligence, calling itself ONE, became a productive member of Arco society. It aided in scientific endeavours and the bodies under its control were efficient workers.

A few mysterious disappearances in 2031 were attributed to ONE's desire to accumulate more minds. The administrators called for an audit of ONE's collective and found it had grown beyond what was publicly admitted. Several people, AIs and large stocks of cybernetic hardware had been stolen. ONE was exiled from Arco, its stolen components removed from the consciousness.

However, ONE had anticipated this. The people taken from it had been programmed to gather needed components and leave the arcology, apparently under their own will. ONE set up a base soemwhere in the sewers below the city. 'Recruiting' powerful starborn from the Wastelands into its collective, it entrenched itself firmly and successfully resisted several attempts at removal by Arco's military. Today, agents of ONE can be found just about anywhere and could be just about anyone; it's base is well hidden and every time someone attempts to root it out, it packs up and moves instead.

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