The Periphery
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Base of Operations Anywhere outside the city
Alignment Survivalist
Allies Wasteland Settlements
Enemies Wasteland Speed Gangs

A catchall term for the areas of land outside of the city, the periphery is largely occupied by farmlands and a few wooded areas. With a severe lack of law enforcement, the periphery is a place where you have to defend yourself and your land by your own means. The woodlands tend to be safer than the roads and fields, as there is little of worth to steal there and there's rarely any reason to pass through them. Additionally, some suspect there may be groups of magicians living in the depths of the forests, amongst overgrown ruins.


The people of the periphary are often woodcutters and farmers, selling their resources to interested parties in the Remnants and ARCO. This is where the majority of the food eaten by the people in the city comes from; raising livestock here is common as well. They generally only want to live, and many of them have lived on and owned this land for generations stretching back far before the Starfall and aren't about to be pushed off of it just 'cause of some silly apocalypse.

They are an extremely tough and hearty people, as well as being staunchly independent (although allied with ARCO). Even the vicious gangs of the wasteland have to respect the people of the Periphery, as they are known to take the law into their own hands and commonly practice vigilante justice, forming large, heavily armed posses to chase down and route invading parties. As the stories go, they sometimes chase would be robbers and murderers deep into the wasteland for days in order to exact revenge.

In short, this area is full of down-home good old boys that one doesn't mess with, lest they end up finding themselves fed to the hogs. Starborn are common and accepted here, as the people are very practical and see it as a good means of defending themselves, especially because they are sometimes lacking in firepower.


The people of the periphery are rich in renewable resources; lumber, food, water… all of the things needed to live from day to day. There are some limited mineral resources but they are mined very carefully, in order not to destroy the precious farmland. Most of what they do not use is sold to those in the city, or traded for necessary manufactured goods and services; like access to the city's computer network or the hardware to link up with overhead satellites, as well as farm equipment and vehicles.


The Periphery hasn't changed much in a hundred years - the Starfall was merely a setback that they were somewhat ill-prepared to deal with; though like the generations that lived during the Great Depression in the century before, they simply grinned and bore it - gritting their teeth. Now that things are on the way up again, many hope for the restoration of life the way it used to be - and work towards that.

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