Player Rules

The rules of the game are in place in order to make the playing experience on Starfall a fair and positive one. In order to provide a quality environment for RP, we request that players adhere to the following rules.


Staff may occasionally perform idle purges. This is the removal of any characters that have not connected in at least two months. Staff will not remove an idle character if that character has any non-idle alts.


Alt Limit

Hard cap of 5.

Alt Interaction

No alt interaction if it can be avoided. Alts may not be apped with any relationship with others from the same player.


When your character is going to do something bad to another person's character, ask the other player for consent. The person giving consent should be reasonable: this rule doesn't give anyone the ability to avoid harm in all forms by refusing consent. This is detailed a bit more in the next section, ICA/ICC.


In Character Action = In Character Consequences. If your character does something stupid, then bad things are likely to happen. If the only reasonable course of event resulting from your character action is Bad Things happening to your character, then that is the way it should be.


Your character is not the best and strongest ever. There are always situations that your character won't be able to deal with, and some things that other characters are better at. Basically, if your character as you applied it can't realistically (keeping in mind the setting, of course) do something, don't do it.


No forcing actions or results of actions on other players. For example, you can write, 'Bob tries to jam the pointy stick into Sally', but not, 'Bob jams the pointy stick into Sally's skull before she reacts, brutally killing her'. Nobody likes a powerposer. Don't do it.


Be respectful

If someone else asks you to stop doing something because it's making them uncomfortable OOCly, then knock it off. Respect the sensitivities of the other players and be generally respectful of your fellow players. After all, they are here for fun, too.


Due to the nature of this game, both profanity and violence are likely to be encountered, though if something makes you uncomfortable, it's encouraged to talk to other players about toning things down. If you feel the need to TS, PLEASE keep it in private areas. Because if you do it in public areas, you are likely to get banned. Also, if you only come on to TS, then your character is likely to be removed. TS is not the purpose of the game.


Staff will run plots occasionally. Players may run minor plots without staff consent (such a plot may not grant a character power changes or improvements or a marked change in the character's IC standing). Players may submit plot proposals to staff if they wish to run a moderate or major plot.


Staff members are not exempt from the rules. Staff members who seem to be breaking the rules should be reported privately to one of the headwizards (if you have a problem with one of the headwizards, then you should discuss it with one of the other headwizards. For example, if you have problems with Headwiz 1, talk to Headwiz 2 or 3).
Staff is required to respect the players of Starfall, to an even higher degree than the players themselves are required to respect each other. We will take disrespectful staff very seriously.
Staff members will not give out your personal information, unless given your express permission to do so (and even if you do give this permission, it's unlikely that staff would give it out anyways).

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