Power origins:

Starborn - Born no earlier than 2010. Starborn possess inherent abilities that can remain dormant for up to twenty years after birth. Sometimes the onset of power is gradual, and it can also be sudden, manifesting all at once or in bursts. Usually, starborn powers are driven by force of will. Extensive use can be tiring. Starborn are caused by inhalation of stardust by the mother.

Artificial Starborn - Characters that fall somewhere in between technological and Starborn powers; these characters typically use star crystals implanted into their bodies with electrical power and control systems to duplicate Starborn abilities. Typically, they will have stronger raw potential, but less fine control over their powers. This can result in the powers not always working upon command, or working TOO well; shooting a thirty yard jet of flame when just trying to light a cigarette, for example, or for an artificial Starborn with super strength, clumsiness and a tendency to accidentally crush things..

Technological - Technological powers are usually known and controllable, in contrast to those of the starborn. The user of such devices may have them implanted as cybernetics or worn, such as powered armour. Technological powers are driven by power cells. These are usually rechargeable. Characters gain technological powers by wealth, invention or granted as tools of a trade (powered law enforcement, for example).

Magician - Decades of study may grant one access to forces beyond the realms of science. Sorcerers, magicians and whatnot are rarely younger than about 40, due to the intense and lengthy study required to even begin mastering the basics of magic. The first thirty or so years of study are about opening the magician's perceptions to the powers beyond the world.

Magical - Magically empowered characters are similar to starborn in their powers, but are always focused around a particular theme (see elemental spheres). A magically empowered character may be any age, and must have been given the powers by an elemental. Elementals always require payment for this power. A common price is that the character's soul is delivered to the elemental upon death, something that requires the willing agreement of the character. Other possibilities include performing a great undertaking in the elemental's favour, or obtaining an item that the elemental desires.

Accidental - Sometimes, someone falls into a vat of experimental chemicals and comes out with superpowers. Sometimes, someone is struck by lightning while eating a radioactive muffin. Strange as it may seem, these unfortunate people sometimes emerge from these experiences with superpowers. As 'inherent' powers, they usually require force of will to activate and operate. Accidentally empowered characters get all their superhuman abilities at once, which means control can be a problem for a while.

Possessed - Occasionally, an elemental will gain control of a human body by magical force or through deviously written contracts. Magicians may also focus an elemental into a person (willingness makes it a lot easier, but is not necessary). The elemental's consciousness, if it is able to defeat the human's mind, will take over and suppress the human mind. Possessed have powers comparable to magically empowered. Additionally, the body takes on unnatural aspects corresponding to the type of elemental possessing it. This comes with strengths and weaknesses. Possessed under the dominion of very powerful elementals are not suitable player characters, but may make neat antagonists for plots. Young or weaker elemental possessed may be okay for player characters.

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