William Robert Farmer
Codename Quickly
Birthdate 9/1/2016
Age 22
Birthplace Periphery
Alignment Survivor
Affiliation Independent
Short Powers Superspeed
Power Origin Starborn
Offsite Logs

A mercenary wanderer of the Wastelands that is as close to carefree as one can be. Will work for food, even if he doesn't have a sign that says so.


Quickly is just under six feet tall, and lean to the point of looking starved. Despite this scrawniness, his muscles ripple with every movement due to his extreme tone. He has straight, two to three inch hair that sticks out in every direction messily. It is dyed a patchwork of bright colors. His blue eyebrows cant down towards the middle giving his long face a permanent look of mischief. His big, bright-orange eyes are best described as intense. A short, sloped nose tops his wide mouth and narrow jaw.

He is covered from the bottoms of his feet to the top of his neck by a fitting suit made out of some strange synthetic material. It has been dyed or painted a number of colors, but almost all of it has peeled and worn away to reveal the original black. A utility belt made out of similar material rests on his hips, as if it is too large for his waist. It is covered by compartments and has no obvious fastening mechanism. A sheathed knife hangs from each side of the belt, and a fire axe clings to the back of Quickly's suit via unknown means. The handle sticks several inches over his left shoulder.


Superspeed: Quickly is, to put it simply, very, very fast. He can outrun vehicles (except maybe some very fast air vehicles). He can swing an axe fast enough that it is a blur. He can do the dishes in two seconds, but probably won't. To be specific, his top speed is 754mph (he can't quite break the sonic barrier).


Quickly doesn't talk much about the past, because monologuing is pretty boring and - OMG DID YOU SEE THAT? BYE!

IC Occurrences

Coming soon!




None at this point.

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