Base of Operations Ruins of New Ashenham
Alignment Survivalist
Allies Arco
Enemies Wasteland and Periphery outlaws

The remaining half of the city remained intact, structurally. However, the panic caused by the starfall impacts threw society into ruin. Martial Law was established to regain control of the city, and after the governments collapsed the local military forces retained control. Over the decades, the remnants have remained a relatively safe area, with working infrastructure and scientific expertise from Arco in exchange for goods of interest from the outside world, and permission for Arco scientists to study the residual effects of the starfall in the remnant regions. While the remnant authorities have no conflict with the leaders of most of the wasteland towns, there are occasional bands of starfall-powered outlaws seeking to raid the outlying parts of the remant areas.

Objectives & Culture

These people are just out the live, survive, and thrive - they are a diverse group of people; essentially one of the only 'modern' cities that exists post Starfall. They are obviously closely allied with ARCO, but hold more pragmatic viewpoints - they don't hold the same racist views towards outsiders or isolationist policies that the people of the ARCO tend to have; indeed, many Starborn dwell here in the city and lead healthy and prosperous (if somewhat weird) lives. Along with ARCO, they task themselves with rebuilding civilization, and are pretty well on their way to doing so.

There are some in the Remnants who could be classified as criminals; even organized criminals, but the most severe punishment is to be banned from entering the city. Thus, most of the criminal threats that the Remnants have to deal with come from outside. People that live inside the city tend to be content, often counting themselves lucky that they didn't get stuck in some far flung wasteland town. Many youth from the Remnants, mostly kids who've never experienced what it's actually like out in the wastes, tend to romanticize the outlaw gangs and lifestyles; emulation of their clothing and rough language is a trend that many city elders worry about trying to eradicate.


Next to the ARCO itself, the Remnants are probably one of the most powerful if not THE most powerful group around; they have a high level of technological expertise and plenty of manpower, as well as plenty of fresh water, food, and and other infrastructure. The city is equipped with a small powerplant that is supplied and run by staff from the ARCO, however with the city's constant rate of growth more and more resources are always needed, requiring regular trips into the wastes to bring back coal and oil to supply the auxiliary power plants. In addition, while some manufacturing happens in the Remnants, mineral resources and salvaged machinery must constantly be brought in from scavenging teams in the wastes to keep up with demand. These often come from dubious sources; sometimes outlaws themselves.


New Ashenham was nearly directly struck by one of the Starfall meteorites - wiping out much of its population during the moment of impact. In the years directly following the cataclysm, only a few diehards and the local military forces stayed in the city - defending it steadfastly through the riots and daily outlaw assaults. For much of this time, they have retained modern standards of living, and prior to the ARCO opening were the technological power in the region.

While the city worked for years to rebuild itself and has been gradually expanding and repairing, the opening of the ARCO proved to be a great boon, drawing in not just much of the remaining scientific community of the world, but craftsmen, cooks, doctors - all of the people needed to rebuild a civilization. As the population skyrocketed, so did the economy of the small city - as many still move there looking for a better life. It has the feel of a society that's on its way up, not down.

In addition to all this, the easily accessible impact crater has become a tourist attraction of sorts - both scientists and laymen journey to New Ashenham to see it, which further boosts the city's trade and population; many stay for the city after having seen the crater, judging the city to be the greater treasure.


Because most aliens have come to Earth to study the Starfall, and New Ashenham is a place of particular interest, the government of the city has its own branch of HARM (Human Alien Relations - Nobody seems to know what the M stands for, except for a few aliens). This is an organization that protects the alien ambassadors and scientists who have come to Earth in order to combine scientific communities and study the Starfall. While the city councillors and employees are the ones who deal with regular crime, when aliens are involved, it is HARM's job to step in.

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