Wasteland Speed Gangs
Wasteland Speed Gangs
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Leader(s) Unknown
Base of Operations Anywhere civilization isn't.
Alignment Chaotic, Survivalist
Enemies Arco, Remnant, other speed gangs

These gangs are not a faction in and of themselves, but if attacked as a general rule they would form ranks around each other rather than a possible enemy. They are the forgotten, people who never made it into a safe shelter and have been toughing it out in the rest of the world since the Starfall event. They live in the ruins of the 'old world.' This means two things - the technologies they use are considered obsolete by those in more civilized places like the Remnants and Arco, and that they must be very mobile in order to continually search out more resources. Thus they have developed a way of life not likely seen since the likes of the Mongols; and behave very much like wild west outlaws.

Salvaging old vehicles, stripping them down and fixing them up for speed at all costs - this is the hallmark of the wasteland gang. Lightning quick raids on anybody who has something that they want, almost constantly on the move using the vast network of old highways to their advantage. Some of the larger gangs operate out of the remnants of old cities, bringing long forgotten manufacturing plants back online to a certain extent in order to replenish their supplies. Like medieval castles though, these never stay in place for long, for as soon as one gang gains control of them they catch the eye of another. Chaos is the order of the day. A variant of the speed gangs are what amounts to modern pirates - those who choose to make their living on the high seas; they are still recognizable by the black smoke and loud noise of internal combustion gasoline engines.

Anybody traveling through the wastelands would do best to either pay off the gangs they come across (a dangerous proposition when the gangs could take the payment AND their lives), or have a full military convoy backing them up. Even then, if advance word of this gets out, several gangs may make a temporary alliance and assault such convoys anyway, as Starborn in the wastelands are quite common.

Culture & technological design

It's difficult to pinpoint the culture of the speed gangs - the one thing they are all connected by is their nomadic lifestyle and use of obsolete technology; but it's important to know which gang you are dealing with. Some gangs are more likely to kill you, take your women and children, and sell them all into slavery - while others are more like armed nomads who are opportunistic and militaristic but will not necessarily kill you or rob you every chance they get. (though many lean more towards this former category)

They differ from the traveling convoys in that they travel light and are heavily armed - making them poor targets for fellow criminals and raiders. Each gang DOES in fact have a code of honor/ethics by which they live, otherwise they wouldn't be able to operate as a society. (It just doesn't apply to outsiders.) Generally, violence between gang members is severely punished; if there's a conflict, the leaders of the gang are brought in to bring a compromise about. In extreme cases, it is considered acceptable for one member to challenge another to a duel; these usually run until one person is unconscious and it is considered very dishonorable to kill a fellow gang member needlessly.

Leadership is usually chosen via a simple tribal system - an aspiring leader must challenge the current one for control of the gang; he also cannot do it alone, but must have at least some support from fellow members of the gang and likely several of the senior members. When carrying out actual leadership functions, the head of the gang has the ultimate say, but the senior members hold a heavy sway and he or she would be wise to listen to them, and the general membership, or they'll find themselves quickly ousted. Large decisions concerning the gang's future are sometimes put up to a general vote. It's wise to note that some gangs are more cohesive than others, and some ARE ruled by their leadership with an iron fist; crossing these types is obviously not wise.

Their design philosophy is purely utilitarian, with speed and offensive capabilities being considered first and foremost, while safety takes a back seat. The look and feel of their vehicles and buildings takes a lot from biker and trash hotrod culture - unsafe, mean, and loud. Though primitive, more than one outsider has made the mistake of underestimating the effectiveness of their speed and tactics. Flames and skull motifs are very common in those that do decorate their rides.

As far as clothing goes, most wear leather made from the skins of animals (dying them black is common). There are tales of some of the more depraved gangs wearing articles of clothing made from human skin, though these are generally stories made up by ARCO dwellers to scare each other; very few of the gangs are actually THAT sick and twisted.

Rumors abound in more civilized circles that there is some sort of top-dog gang that rules over the others and directs the general activities of the 'horde' as it were, due to increased appearances along the civilized fringes and ability to coordinate the operation of large scale infrastructure like factories and oil refineries.


The resources and numbers of the speed gangs are hard to ascertain, given that they shift around at a constant rate and nobody REALLY knows how much of the old world remains for them to take advantage of.

It is known that the gangs collectively are in possession of most of the fossil fuel infrastructure that survived the Starfall, and could continue to operate off of it at their current rate almost indefinitely, given that it was originally meant to supply hundreds of millions, and they are at most hundreds of thousands.

There are a dozen or so known locations which serve as industrial centers for the wastelands, remnants of old automobile factories and various other things that have been cobbled together to produce spare parts or even new parts to assemble new rides.

Firearms are the preferred weapon of the wastelands for long range combat, while a variety of often homemade melee weapons suffice for close range. Crossbows and spears are not uncommon, nor are power-wielding Starborn who prefer to use their innate abilities rather than any kind of conventional weapon.


There's not much to talk about here - since anybody has bothered to look they have existed, growing and surviving since the very early days after the old world was destroyed.

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