Sylvester Gorski
Birthdate 2009
Age 39
Birthplace The Periphery
Alignment Elementals
Affiliation Depends
Short Powers Life Sphere
Power Origin Birth
Offsite Logs

A librarian of ARCO, who smuggles out books to sell on the streets of the Wastelands. Possibly plotting the demise of the human race, or at least what they do with the place.


A man of not imposing stature, but not frail either — there is his farmer upbringing in his shoulders and rough hands, but academic lifestyle at the softness of his belly. His hair is dark and wiry and doesn't generally obey the will of a comb, and there's a little grey scattered through it that's seen more when scruff grows on his chin and cheeks. His eyes are dark, deeply brown, and seem to hold a sharp, inquisitive intellect. He seems to be into his forties, or maybe a few years young, and has an easy smile and expressive face — if it was stiller, he might be considered attractive, if you like this kind of thing. Under his clothes, he has an unlikely marking — an elaborate tree tattoo, inked dark from the base of his spine to spread its branches across his shoulder blades.


Being a (relatively) young elemental, Sylvester does not possess the grand scale of magical ability that some of his older counterparts might have upon possessing a willing human — but he does have ability, and the control to use it. He touches on most aspects and qualities of Life magic, within the limited realms of his acquired mortal form.

Sylvester can manipulate the growth of plants at a very rapid rate, as well as allowing for mutation. From the earth, he can grow trees, or tangling brush, or flowers, or any kind currently in existence on Earth. He has a degree of animating skill, infusing plant life with a very rudimentary intelligence and unnatural physical ability — trees can reach their limbs and trap someone, uproot themselves and move location, or vines can snare and grip. That said, they are all subject to their own limitations — fire burns, and without sustenance of water and rooting into healthy soil, they will die, and wood is only so strong. He can also only grow plant life out of the substance it could naturally — no trees will be spurting out of concrete, for instance, unless there is healthy earth beneath it. The city is his weakness.

Human language is also not Sylvester's only talent — he has a degree of control and communication over animals, although bending them against their natures or sacrificing themselves for his cause and gain is not something he is capable of doing, and it only works on minds that aren't sentient.

Lastly, there is the healing aspect of life. Sylvester can regenerate himself and others of injury — but not illness (except for the symptoms it might produce, but that's a temporary effect), genetic abnormality, or mental illness. Huge regenerative tasks — such as regrowing limbs or healing extensive damage that wouldn't repair naturally — are trickier than setting bones, eliminating bruises and lacerations. He cannot, absolutely cannot, bring someone back from the dead — as soon as they are dead, it's outside of his sphere, and to try and delve into that area of magic would be to piss off the elementals of death.

The big weakness, when it comes to Sylvester's use of power, is that he is essentially relying on himself as the source of his energy. Doing anything very elaborate will weaken him physically — and age him too. This is not a permanent measure — give him a day or so of recovery wherein he doesn't use his power at all, and he will eventually revert back to the physical age that his body defaults to. But during a combative situation, this is a very real weakness, and there is no quick solution.

Sickness is also a bane to him, and he will get sick quicker than other people — he considers sickness to be in the same realm as death, on par with decay, and is susceptible to it, relying on his physical body to repair on its own.

Lastly, as an elemental, he is vulnerable to the powers of magicians that are experienced at summoning and binding elementals — just because he has a material form does not mean he is immune to these manipulations.


Born to a farming family, Sylvester Gorski was raised to be something different. He was born a year before the beginnings of the Starfall, and so never witnessed the destruction that was laid upon the world during the shower of astral bodies, and grew up only knowing the changes the world underwent. His education was mainly homeschooled as well as community based learning with tutors among the other rural families in the area that became known as the Periphery. Had nothing else happened there, perhaps Sylvester would have carried out the rest of his existence in this vein, becoming a reasonably bright young man, taking a piece of his father's harvest business, marrying a woman in the area and raising more farmers, whether they be Starborn or mundane.

This didn't happen.

In the wilder forest land on which his family's property resided, as well as being a part of them, there was an enclave of magicians who were quick to flee from the wreckages of civilisation, keeping some minimal contact with others of the 12th Sphere but more or less happy to keep to themselves and they studied and practiced the dying order of the Life sphere. However, the threat of alien immigration and the advancement of technology was seen as a sign of the possible spread of city life and deforestation, making Life as a magical sphere less and less common, and less and less accessible. They called on an elemental to help them and grant them powers to at least preserve their way of life, and the elemental agreed — but on one condition. A child for a child.

Through a series of rituals, trials and tests, the younger members of the community were offered, presumably to be granted powers that would one day help, although no one completely understood the plans of the elemental. Sylvester, for inexplicable reasons, was selected as the most likely — his father agreed, for his lands would probably prosper under the favour of the local magicians and the attention of the magic plane. His mother was less happy, but there was little she could do.

A young elemental, born of the one who had made the deal, was made to possess the child.

The deal was done, but probably not quickly enough for the magicians to completely understand the agreement struck. Mortal lives are short. Elementals are patient. Sylvester grew into adolescent, displaying very little of what he actually was, working in the orchards but proving to be reasonably intelligent and capable. Occasionally troublesome. Beneath the surface, the young boy who was once Sylvester was all but eliminated, or at least suppressed into some dark recess in the corner of his mind, his memories becoming that of the elemental's, even his personality shaping the way the elemental developed as a psuedo-human.

He began showing his innate abilities, being able to grow, develop and shape plantlife beneath his hands, minorly skilled in healing, and other small signs of his abilities. He also had an elemental's talent for languages, a natural literacy that manifested as a super quick comprehension for the written and spoken word, working only within the limits of a human mind but stretching that potential far more than the common farmer. He proved to be an academic, and, at the age of twenty-three, Sylvester knew where he had to be.

He had to join Arco.

Upon acceptance, he was tasked with the usual brutal manual labour that immigrants had to prove themselves upon, and he hated every minute — but endured. Climbing the ranks within the organisation, generally signing up for administrative careers and decisions — because for all that he was quick witted and a developed linguist, Sylvester showed no real inclination towards any one trade or scientific path. Eventually, he wandered into the Intelligence Module, training to be and then becoming what is basically a librarian, keeper of electronic literature but also books. Books, books, books.

Sylvester is 39-years-old. Or, his human self is. He has learned a lot about human nature, and how they abuse the sacred lifeforce they thrive upon, and how funny and pathetic and doomed they all are. He has an inherent belief that it's well time for life to take back its planet, purge it of its concrete cities, encourage knowledge, kick down walls and, if there is a way, banish the blasphemous emergence of the articial intelligences who seem to think they can possess the freedoms of living creatures without life.

In the meanwhile, he smuggles books out into the world beyond Arco, sells them, collects them, making connections with the Starborn and the magicians, and otherwise bides his time.

IC Occurrences

To come.


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