12th Sphere

Functional Enchantments

Much of the “technology” of the 12th sphere is created and maintained by their magical abilities. They are comparably low-tech even by wasteland standards due to the upkeep costs of magical functionality, but that unique cost also makes them less appealing to raiders from other factions.


ARCO is the most technologically advanced of the factions.

Artificial Intelligence

Human-level artificial intelligence consists of a quantum computer hooked up to a conventional computer hooked up to some means of communication with the world. These are called QIs. The quantum computer provides the consciousness and thinking ability that is equivalent to a human's brain. The conventional computer interprets the output from this as well as providing assistive processing. They can think about as well as a human, with better ability in maths, geometry and such due to the attached processor. QIs take about ten years to mature in a lab, as they cannot be programmed and must be taught. They tend to be a little crazy in one or more ways. On the other hand, there are plenty that are stable enough to exist in human society. QIs beyond human intelligence are rumoured to exist but none are known to the public.


Mental Enhancement

Using processors similar to those attached to QI cores, human intelligence and memory can be somewhat improved through expensive cybernetics. Sufficient modification may result in a mind that is unreadable by telepaths, but quite readable by technological means, such as if memory is being stored in an artificial medium. Some headware is required to control any technological special powers a person might have. Cybernetic telepathy may be an option between two or more persons with the right headware. Some fear that the brain of a person with large portions of their brain replaced with cybernetics may be susceptible to brain hacking.

Physical Enhancement

The entire human body can be replaced by sophisticated robotics that very closely resemble the original in appearance and feel. Arco offers cybernetic limb and organ replacement to their citizens that have suffered terrible injuries. Those outside Arco may also receive such repairs if they are very wealthy or have something of notable value to offer Arco. In addition to realistic replacements, persons may also obtain parts that exceed the human norm in strength, speed and durability. Enough replacement can make a human into a living war machine.


ARCO is the only faction with the knowledge and resources to produce working nanotechnology.
Nanomachines are always specialized and built for a single task. They can only be produced in sterilized facilities inside ARCO due to the ease of corrupting or damaging the microscopic machines.
They are hardcoded to work with a single control unit. The control unit is what manages the coordination between individual nanobots. The nanobots are not smart enough to function autonomously.



All ARCO vehicles come equipped either an electric engine or a hydrogen engine. Pollution to the air is highly frowned upon in the ARCO ecodome, and vehicles not passing the strict exhaust regulations will usually be scrapped. Hover technology used with cars is incredibly rare due to the confined airspace of ARCO ecodomes.


Many official ARCO vehicles are styled after 1930s and 1940s era vehicles, following form after fashion. Volvo PV 36 and Chrysler Airflow chassis are incredibly common as popular choices to show both rank and status. Any modern vehicle can also be produced and it's really just a matter of personal taste after that.



Lasers, due to the prominent availability of precise electronics, are increasingly common in ARCO. Both for their ability to minimize collateral damage and the ability to instead be used as a threat deterrent device (Less than Lethal settings). Ballistic weapons are still available in some parts of the Arcology, but their use is generally frowned upon.

Less than Lethal

LTL weapons have also increased popularity. There are usually many weapons in this category. Weapons from sand-bag launching rifles to electric stun gun pistols. As previously mentioned, lasers may also fit this category as they can be lowered to a power setting that creates a burning sensation for the target.

Incendiary Order

The Incendiary Order's technology is based on pre-starfall salvage from the bunker that is their main headquarters and a mish-mash of things they have acquired from other factions by way of new initiates. There is a great disparity between the central force and the comparably numerous independent cells that dot the wasteland.


The cybernetics employed by the Order are almost universally inelegant. They are not meant for aesthetics or even comfort. They're a step or two above the speed gangs, if only due to the availability of competent doctors and clean facilities. A replacement arm may be fully articulated, but will likely be blocky and heavy. The ability to pass as a natural limb is often traded for strength and the ability to attach a weapon.


There is not an official uniform for the Order, though they are commonly black and red, and bear the unifying insignia. Members are encouraged (mostly by the presence other, more explosive members) to acquire a uniform that is fireproof and durable. Most adopt this mentality, or seek to acquire an appropriate uniform from the main bunker, as protection from their comrades or the wearer's own abilities.


As loosely associated as the Order's many cells are, there is no standardized vehicle for their faction. Individual members are free to construct whatever suits their locale. The more militant and eccentric higher ups, those that hail from the central bunker will salvage and augment the largest and most heavily armored vehicles they can find, often adorning with the Order's insignia and standards. They are meant to attract attention and intimidate, but are seldom practical.


Flamethrowers, napalm, heat guns, burning-hot melee weapons; if it burns, they'll use it. Like the rest of their equipment, it's often up to individual members to acquire what best suits them.

Purple Hand


Remnant and Periphery

Form follows function. Utility is everything.

Gravitic Technology

Traded from the Lelavijians.


There are two factions in the wasteland area, both operating at a similar technological level.


Shared with Remnant
More militant than Remnant and Periphery than
Wasteland civilians are less likely to undergo the painful and dangerous procedure of adding an artificial limb. If one is lost, they usually count themselves lucky to still be alive.

Speed Gangs


CB and HAM radios.


In a word, dangerous. Few have the knowledge to attach or maintain cybernetics and still fewer have the stomach to have them attached.


Mostly cobbled together jeeps and buggies, with an emphasis on speed and covering terrain over comfort or even driver protection.
Salvaged pre-starfall military hardware is occasionally salvaged, but in the wasteland it is both exceptionally rare and difficult to field. It also attracts a lot more attention.


Easily serviced pre-starfall ballistic weapons.
Looted ARCO weapons when they can get them.

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