The 12th Sphere
The 12th Sphere
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Leader(s) Wensley, the Shadow Mage
Base of Operations Periphery
Alignment Neutral
Allies Various independant magicians
Enemies Starborn deemed dangerous

While magicians have been around since far before the Starfall, it wasn't until recently that any significant group of them have taken a united front. This group of like-minded mages was created specifically due to the threat that some of the phenomena brought by the Starfall threaten to damage the Earth's link to the magical plane. Most mages hypothesize that this will cause some negative effects on reality itself, while some only take this seriously because it might interfere with their own personal power. This group was named the 12th sphere.


As mentioned above, the 12th sphere was created in order to study events caused by the Starfall and, more importantly, prevent things that have happened since from destroying the link between Earth and the magical dimension. This means that magicians belonging to this faction spend their time documenting strange phenomena relating to the Starfall, and usually to the Starborn. If a Starborn uses their powers irresponsibly and in a way that's destructive to magic itself (this can be highly subjective, depending on the mage judging it), they are responsible for taking care of this. Whether 'taking care of it' involves reasoning with the problematic Starborn, crippling them or outright killing them is dependant on the situation and the judgement of the mage.


The 12th Sphere doesn't have any resources in and of itself, but since it is a collection of some of the finest magicians living, the magical resources at this faction's disposal is positively enormous.


Since the Starfall, magicians had noticed all kinds of strange things happening to the relation between Earth and the magical plane. Normally, it was only magicians who were previously able to affect it, and they all knew how careful they had to be in order to keep the link intact and themselves safe. With the phenomena related to the Starfall, though, among which Starborn and psychic distortions were the most common area of study. When several magicians concluded at around the same time that this was something to be concerned about, this faction began unofficially.

It's hard to pinpoint when exactly the 12th Sphere was officially formed, but most would attribute it to the first election of the eleven leaders. One from each magical sphere, the eleven were the best in their respective fields, all elected in order to create some kind of consensus between the different types of mages. Once in place, the eleven nominate and elected one official to be the representative of the 12th sphere. Originally, this magician was chosen based solely on knowledge and leadership, as was the case with the First 12th, Sharon Samuel. Since then, though, there have been times that the 12th was chosen as a figurehead in order to advance the agendas of some of the Eleven. In general (and currently), however, the 12th is a respectable and competent magician in his or her own right.

While it was believed until recently that there were only 11 spheres of magic, the gathering of wizards after the Starfall has made it possible to discern that there are, in fact, a total of 13 spheres. The Light and Dark magic spheres, previously thought to be aspects of Life and Death, have been proven to be spheres of their own, with distinct elementals finally making their presence known. These two spheres currently have no leaders, and while mages who practiced Life and Death magic previously have some knowledge about these kinds of magics, they are still largely untested and considered dangerous. Thus, since the spheres have nobody who could be considered an 'expert' or 'elder,' these positions are as of yet unfilled. The 12th Sphere organization has decided to delay the decision on whether to change its name or not until such time as people of sufficient knowledge and power can be found.

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