The Incendiary Order
The Incendiary Order
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Leader(s) Stoneburner
Base of Operations A fireproof bunker in the wastelands.
Alignment Enthusiastic, heroic
Allies The innocent and helpless
Enemies The inflammable
Motto No two people are not on fire.

With fire and fire-related abilities being rather common, it was inevitable that a group of like-minded human flamethrowers got together and formed a band of costumed superheroes themed around fire. Starborn make up the majority of the members, but cyborgs with built-in flamethrowers, magicians focusing on fire magic and even ordinary humans that use a lot of fire-producing gear are also welcome, so long as they bring two things: 1. Dedication to the cause. 2. Fire!


The Incendiary Order zealously seeks out evildoers and sets them on fire. They rescue those in need of rescuing with varying levels of heroism. The founders and some others do their work like Golden Age superheroes; without second thoughts and always with absolute determination that they are doing the right thing. This can be a flaw at times. Some of the younger members tend to be more realistic in their attitude to vigilante heroism.


One very resilient and very blackened nuclear bunker in the Eastern part of the wasteland. Lots of spare supersuits that are impervious to fire or heat damage (note: While it offers some protection, this does not stop the person in the suit from suffering damage).


Stoneburner was one of the earliest starborn to manifest. He decided to use his powers to aid the shattered remnants of humanity. Alone, he could not do this so he spent a few years gathering similarly powered persons to aid him in defeating evildoers. An old military bunker that had been the lair of a nefarious villain was cleared out and from then the Incendiary Order started using it as their base of operations.

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