The Purple Hand
The Purple Hand
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Base of Operations Large fallout shelter somewhere deep in the wastes. Smaller bases of operation spread out everywhere, including inside New Ashenham.
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Allies Wasteland Speed Gangs, Hydran Scouts
Enemies ARCO, The Remnants, The 12th Sphere, The Periphery


The Purple Hand are the anti-thesis of ARCO. They believe that the Starfall crystals are the future of mankind and the next step in evolution, and that Starborn are clear evidence of this; they are a gift sent from heaven. They seek to speed up and spread the process of the Starfall crystal contamination, and use it recklessly in any way they can figure out. They will actively recruit just about anyone; even if someone doesn't believe in their glorious goal, people who just want money are okay too.


Most of their technology is existing 'high' technology that has been reworked and based around using the Starfall crystals to augment them in various ways. The Purple Hand prefers generally prefers to use stealth and cunning instead of brute force. Although their raw numbers are probably greater than ARCO, they are not yet in a position to directly challenge the archology for dominance. Financially, they have incredibly deep pockets and nearly unlimited natural resources, since they have been hoarding them and saving technology since years before the Starfall happened, similar to ARCO.


In late 2006, while ARCO was still in its very infant stages, a schism occurred within the group of scientists studying the true nature of the incoming objects that were slated to impact Earth. At that time, it was realized that these were no normal asteroids or comets, and that their composition was alien and possibly even biological in nature. The group split in two - one that was skeptical and afraid of the coming events (ARCO), with the second being joyful at the possibility of finding other sentient life in the universe and felt that the Starfall should be embraced. The differences in opinion would lead to the second group splitting off; they decided to build their own fallout shelter to weather the impact.

As time went on, they gathered anybody who would listen, and the group grew more and more radical until it snowballed out of control of the scientists who originally started it, falling into the realm of religious fanaticism and end-times doomsayers. Eventually, the original founding members of the organization were ousted, with control being consolidated from a council into the hands of one charismatic (albeit quite insane) man who is simply known as 'The Prophet.'


- Vehicle Cloaking Devices: These cloaking devices work on anything tank or even jet fighter sized and are capable of rendering it completely invisible, even to thermal and radar imaging. They have some degree of psychic ability blocking s well.
- Personal Cloaking Devices: Similar to the vehicular cloaks, these are used on single people.
- Crystal Based Weaponry: These are weapons mimicking both Starborn powers and conventional weapons; they come in many different varieties and include energy beams, flame throwers, projectiles, and even telekinesis based guns that can move large objects. All of this weaponry is experimental and much of it is created via trial and error, with the scientific principles behind it not always being known.
- Crystal based power sources; it's rumored that the Purple Hand has developed devices that are able to generate electricity via using the crystals as power cores. Many of their ground vehicles and aircraft supposedly use this technology - they are said to have superior range capabilities compared to conventional tech; it might also be that this is necessary to power the cloaking devices used by most of them.

Much of this weaponry and technology is not entirely healthy for the user; prolonged exposure by test subjects seems to indicate that most users will develop serious mental health issues; many sometimes claim to be receiving messages from the heavens. Various types of cancer and some mutation of tissues have occurred in extreme cases; it's not understood why this happens when the crystal is thought to be harmless to organics.

In addition to using the crystals to upgrade normal troops and vehicles, the Purple Hand is /HEAVILY/ invested into duplicating the Starborn phenomenon, and creating their own elite army of super soldiers who no longer even need any equipment but themselves. They have had some success in this area, but their creations are not perfect.

It is said that they work with the aliens known as Hydras, who had no Starfall on their own planet, to perfect this technology. In return, a percentage of both natural and artificial Starborn are inducted into the Hydran military; experiments are also carried out on both human and Hydra subjects. Most of them are willing and loyal to the Purple Hand.

Artificial Starborn


- Immediately more powerful than regular Starborn. On a scale of 1-100, a regular starborn starts out around 10-20 and an artificial one should start out at 50 or 60.
- Power does not need to be 'ramped up' nor does the user get tired from accessing it. Typically it works like a cybernetic device and has its own power supply of some kind.
- Power can be artificially upgraded at will until the subject can no longer stand the physical or mental stress.
- Multiple powers spanning different spheres (such as pyrokinesis and hydro kinesis, or pyrokinesis and super strength) that have no relation can be added in a similar manner.


- Mental instability; users that undergo the implantation process typically do not come out completely sane afterwards. If they do not result as insane individuals they often have cases of psychosis or flashbacks.
- Prone to Malfunction; artificial starborn powers are often unpredictable in their use. Sometimes, they may not work on command, or sometimes they may work TOO well when someone only wants to use them a little.
- Dangerous to self; this may be because the powers malfunction at inopportune times. Abilities designed to work like a true Starborn's that work off of endurance and force of will may have no 'safety' valve where the user senses they are too exhausted to go on, resulting in serious injury or even death to self if overused.
- Maximum power level; there is a point at which the crude implementations of man cannot match the grace of mother nature; an artificial starborn, though they may have raw power, will probably never have the finesse and control over their abilities that a true Starborn does.

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