The Wasteland
The Wasteland
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Leader(s) Each town or village has a mayor.
Base of Operations Wasteland settlements
Alignment Survivalist
Allies Most towns are allies with the Remnant.
Enemies Arco, Wasteland Speed Gangs
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Wasteland - Impacts over half of New Ashenham destroyed most of the land and the buildings on it. Many people still live there, and despite the name, the place is not at all bleak. They have electricity and water in most areas, the infrastructure having been repaired over three decades. The rebuilt towns in the Wastelands are densely populated and full of activity and relative lawlessness. With the greatest concentration of starfall in the area, most of the local starborn were born in the Wastelands.

Right at the epicentre of the largest impact, no plants will grow and no animals will dwell. Not even birds will fly overhead. some people venture into this crater to meet nothing strange at all, yet others may return with tales of ghastly apparitions and supernatural encounters. Some blasted structures still remain, their upper floors utterly demolished and the lower ones barely intact. Strangely, there seem to be a few buildings that, while dusty and fallen into disrepair, appear untouched by the explosion that ruined most of the city. These buildings are not always there, either, and are reputed to fade in and out of existence over time. The crater is the largest source of stardust and the crystal formations from the alien material are most common there. Operations to retrieve it, however, are frequently plagued with malfunction and confusion. Some say the land is cursed, and that all those who died there remain trapped as wraiths and poltergeists. The popular theory amongst scientists is that the same effect that causes starborn to exhibit extraordinary powers is affecting the laws of physics around the impact site, thus resulting in the observed effects.


Each settlement only wants to survive, trading with the others and the Remnant for what they need. They often have to fend off the numerous raider gangs in the area, and while the wasteland dwellers have starborn to protect them, so do many of the gangs. Some towns can be quite insular, seeking only to protect those they count as their own while shunning others. Other towns, on the other hand, welcome what protection from the outside they can get.


Many towns have little other than their homes and small supplies of weapons to defend themselves. They scavenge the wastelands for useful things and trade with the periphery and Remnant for food and supplies. It's not uncommon for wasteland towns to hire out their starborn as mercenaries.

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